Rose Angeles

Rose Angeles is a Hollywood ghost story, a tale of how the past can influence the present. In 1932, Peg, a rising starlet, swan dives off of the Hollywood sign to her death. Fascinated by the story, present-day filmmaker Aurora and her boyfriend and producer, Griffin, decide to make a film about Peg’s life. Aurora begins to doubt her creative abilities as she delves more deeply into the project, and she is visited by Peg herself, who also questions Aurora’s directorial instincts. Eventually, propelled by her relationship with Peg, Aurora, too, ends her life by jumping from the Hollywood sign. After Aurora’s death, the film’s composer, Rose Angeles, begins to play the film’s score at parties. The result is a cult following of women obsessed with Peg: dressing like Peg, walking dogs like Peg…even throwing themselves off of the Hollywood sign like Peg. And as these women begin to replicate Peg’s narrative, Peg and Aurora make surprising reappearances.

Archer Entertainment Group © 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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